Amazing Pagoda Style Tibetan Incense Burner Hand Crafted in Nepal




Color: Copper Color


  • Thamelmart is a artistic store of handmade products brought to you from the birth place of Lord Buddha, rich in culture and heritage of “Nepal”.
  • Size: approx. 10″ long x 2.5″ height x 3″ wide
  • Gorgeous pagoda look
  • Super & solid incense burner
  • Customize Tibetan arts on it with astha mangala

Package Dimensions: 86x290x431

Details: Amazing arts and quality, solid & excellent finishing, a great hand work by human hand, this Tibetan Temple style Incense Burner is nicely decorated with eight auspicious symbols with other ritual symbols on it. Protect your home and surroundings burning your incense in this metal burner and avoid fear of burning your stuffs from incense. A metal piece is attached to one side of burner on which you can stick your incense and close the cover, it will also reduce the smoke effect inside your room. Enough holes on burner cover allows smoke to come out of the burner. It is holistic as well as more protective. A piece of art to your day to day mediation or decoration.

UPC: 616913946764